Episode synopses

“…. the gardener so kind, the flowers grow for him around and everywhere”


  • The Vain Rose FS Vain Rose 2

A newly opened rose in the garden is welcomed by Silk and James, but not for long.  The Rose is a show-off and a snob.  She insults the marigolds and plots to destroy the Sunflower and Freesia, flowers of the Elf King and Queen. The Rose wants to take their place and rule the garden. With the help of a few dim snails and worms, she achieves her aim.  The Rose is a tyrant and the other flowers are very upset. They are not alone.  James decides to practice his gardening skills.

  • The Yellow CanaryFS Yellow Canary 2

A  fledgling yellow canary falls out of his nest, and lands splat on James’ head.  The little canary doesn’t want to fly and James is forced to walk around with a baby bird balanced on his head.  James thinks up silly ways to get him to fly but with no success.  Whatever he tries simply doesn’t work.   He doesn’t want to be a baby bird sitter. Desperate measures have to be taken.

  • The Plain Bee FS Plain Bee

James finds a strange bee in the garden. He’s plain yellow with no stripes and the other bees ignore him because he’s not stripy like them.  Some of the garden flowers laugh at the Plain Bee and make him very unhappy.  He asks James for help, but nothing he tries works. Silk has a bright idea and begins to knit something for the Plain Bee. It’s a stripy bee cosy and a perfect fit. At last he’s accepted by his bee friends while James tries to take the credit for solving the Plain Bee’s problem.

  • The Sad Dragon FS Sad Dragon

Silk and James go for a walk by the sea. They meet  Mango, a small dragon originally from China. He has a terrible cold, so his flames are quenched and he needs a good home. Before his cold he was banished from many lands because of his flames.  The Gardener decides Mango can stay in the garden until his cold is better. But once his flames come back he knows he must leave the garden.  However, news comes that the local lighthouse needs a powerful light.  Mango’s flames can be put to good use and he can still see his friends.

  • The Green Elephant FS Green Elephant

Lawn is woken from his nap by a green elephant who doesn’t know who he is or where he’s from. Things get even odder when a green pig, a green giraffe and a green dog appear. They’re all friends of the green elephant. Lawn worries about what the Gardener will say when he sees these visitors. The green pig remembers who they belong to; it’s the magician who lives on the far side of the hills. He created them from his overgrown hedge. But still, no-one can remember the way back home.  Just in time, the magician arrives to guide his green protegees home. Who said “Elephants never forget”?

  • The Lonely Potted Bush  FS Lonely Potted Bush

Two bushes grow in pots outside the gardener’s front door.  One is trim and pretty.  The other feels neglected and lonely.  When the Gardener overlooks him yet again, the shabby little bush decides to follow him but gets lost in the woods beyond the garden walls.  Rescued by the Elf Queen, the little bush is guided back to the garden where he has been missed.  Because of his adventure, he is now a hero and soon looks as happy as his twin.  The potted bush has found friends at last.

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