On a hill by the town, near the forest green and brown”

25% of every Flower Stories sale we receive, goes to help a charity in Iran for autistic children.

Flower Stories is a 13 x 12′ wobbly semi-animated children’s series and Kate’s first films after art school.  With a UK TV launch in 1975, Flower Stories was BAFTA nominated and seen in many countries around the world.

Two children Silk and Lawn, live in an enchanted garden protected by sparkling mother-of-pearl walls.  Watched over by the Elf King and Queen, a kindly gardener and a lazy tubby black and white cat called James, they look after the plants and creatures in their garden.  The only shadow in their lives appears when the Black Queen comes to call.

The stories are simple with underlying archetypal themes such as kindness, vanity, loneliness, greed, mischief and wonder.

This website is dedicated to Shahab Kalantar’s first born child Ashkan who arrived on 8 September 2012.