Kate’s story

I and my friends from art school had such fun making these films, not having a clue about what we were doing, making loads of mistakes (as you can see) and learning as we went along.  There was Sue Stott (now Climpson) who produced lots of magical backgrounds,  Sue Allen who worked on the animation (while all the boys swooned about her outside our caravan door) and Julie Rich, a quintessential English Rose (she still is) who painted our animation cels.

If there was a quiet moment, we’d draw caricatures of TV staff who caught our eye (more pompous, the better).  We pinned them to the inside of our caravan door, so luckily they were usually hidden from view.

Brian would appear from London, perch on a stool in our caravan and try out his Flower Stories guitar tunes for us.  Or Glynn would take his place and make us giggle with his wild story ideas.  Morris Baker was an editor on Flower Stories and he worked in a portacabin next door. (Our TV sponsors were not known for their lavish work space).  There was a perpetual air of mischief around and it seemed, always another party to go to after work.  Heady days.

Kate Canning